What is the Accu Weight-Loss Program?

"The Bead Diet"

The Accu Weight-Loss program combines Asian and American weight-loss concepts without the use of medications to achieve results. The program enhances appetite satisfaction, thereby creating an atmosphere where hunger is no longer an issue.

AccuWeight operates under the hypothalamic hypothesis. The hypothalamus is the gland in the brain that regulates the body's weight set point, thereby maintaining weight levels. Dieters find that their weight returns to the set point—back to the weight where they started—within months of completing most diet programs.

AccuWeight provides a weight maintenance program that will keep you within 3 to 5 pounds of your final weight. The hypothesis:

  • The medial (middle) hypothalamus governs satiety (feelings of fullness).
  • The lateral (side) hypothalamus governs the amount you eat.

AccuWeight achieves a balance between these two functions, allowing the body to maintain its new weight.

Another dimension is added to the program by incorporating Chi Gong Breathing. This methodology not only enhances energy levels, but attention, concentration, and mental alertness.